When we started learning about coffee...

finding professional training in Sarawak was particularly hard. Due to our location, we had to fly out to other cities and countries to acquire coffee education or meet coffee professionals abroad. Not to mention leaving work behind for a period of time, but flight and accomodation expenses did not go easy on us. 


However, after few years into the coffee business, we really see the value in investing our own education and qualifications. Besides the trouble-shooting abilities and boost of confidence in the industry,  understanding the fundamental knowledge and theories behind coffee-making keeps us constantly motivated.


Once thought to be a mundane subject, we are surprised there are to explore. From plant cultivation to barista skills, coffee is a never-ending journey, and the more you learn, the more you would want to know. That is why we want to share all that knowledge and experience we have gained over the years so far with our academy, hoping to make coffee education more accessible for East Malaysians.