Coffee Bean Supply

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Where do you get your coffee beans from?” And, no, they were not referring to green beans; the raw ingredient for roasted coffee. In fact, we don’t buy our roasted coffees from anyone as we started out as a micro roaster and take pride in our own roasting. The head roaster is also the co-founder of Earthlings, who has been learning from different schools of coffee roasting, and is a certified (Master Coffeologist, SCAA, SCAE, Q-Grader) roaster and roaster trainer. 

Terminologies aside, think of coffee roasting as cooking, and the roaster is the chef working with just one big oven. All the green coffees go in there and come out differently according to the roast time and temperature, and how these two factors determine the entire roast profile. Though no other ingredients are adding during coffee roasting, the outcome can be shockingly different; just like cooking steak. That is why we take roasting very seriously, it is an art refined by science to bring out the best sides of coffee from every unique origin. You can find our roasted coffee beans in all our major outlets, we also supply to businesses that seek quality coffee beans to be used in their products.


Earthlings 1kg Labels

We have come up with numerous blends for everyday cafe consumption over the years. These two blends stood up to the test of time. Not just being popular in espresso flavours, but their high performance in milk and ice beverages, and good shelf life and consistency in the cup are excellent for new and seasoned baristas. The two options are good to have in a cafe that serves the majority of people who prefer darker roast as well as a good portion of people who would like a more delicate and fruity roast. We supply both blends to a fair number of cafes, Feel free to contact us if you are interested in using our coffees in your setup. 

20180812 Black Market 1KG Label PRINT VERSION copy-01.png
20180320 Honeycomb-01.jpg

Earthlings 250g Labels

You can find our house blend and all seasonal single origin beans freshly roasted and packaged for home brewers at all Earthlings outlets. They are not yet available to be purchased online, but we are working on that :)

20180813 Black Market 250g Label PRINT VERSION-01.png
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25_8_16 8x8cm PrintReady copy-02.jpg
25_8_16 8x8cm PrintReady copy-04.jpg
25_8_16 8x8cm PrintReady copy-01.jpg
25_8_16 8x8cm PrintReady copy-03.jpg

Elementary 1kg Labels (Affiliated brand)

2016_12_8 Elementary Colombia EXPAND copy 3-01.jpg
2016_12_8 Elementary Vietnam EXPAND copy 4-01.jpg
20180320 ViBrantEXPAND-01.jpg
20181003 Vogue Espresso Blend EXPAND-01.png

Elementary 250g Labels

2017_11_17 Expand Elementary 250g Stickers copy_Medium Roast.jpg
2017_11_17 Expand Elementary 250g Stickers copy-03.jpg
2017_11_17 Expand Elementary 250g Stickers copy_Light Roast.jpg
2017_11_17 Expand Elementary 250g Stickers copy-04.jpg