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We are a team of devoted coffee professionals who started our  journey with one simple purpose: bringing people together with seriously good coffee. The name “Earthlings” portrays our view that coffee would not exist without mother earth, nor would its celebrated culture without the good samaritans behind it. In return, coffee is a gift of great diversity and endless elements for us to explore throughout each link from seed to cup. Thus, we encourage curiosity and respect to the origin of coffee, and will stay true to these values by providing an authentic, unique, and down-to-earth coffee experience for all who cross our path.

Serving Cat Town since 2014

Serving Cat Town since 2014

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Our Purpose

To bring out the best in our coffee, culture, and humanity. 


Our Vision

To make specialty coffee more affordable, coffee culture more accessible, local communities more hospitable.


Earthlings provide in-house professional training and education programs certified under Coffee Consulate (CC) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We are the only coffee institute that offers both globally-recognised qualification systems in Malaysia.

Our team also gives B-to-B professional consultations and coffee grading according to the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) standards for those who want to venture into coffee plantations, roastery, or retail.

We are the official Asia Pacific regional Co-ordinator of Coffee Consulate (Germany); a natural scientific, independent training and research centre.Apart from our flagship cafe, our wholesale business touches on almost anything related to the coffee industry, such as green beans, roasted beans, coffee machines and equipment, barista tools, teas, ingredients and condiments, and most things that cafes or home brewers need. 

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Timeline & Milestones



We started our coffee journey and our passion had pushed us overseas to learn the craft. We were determined to bring home a coffee paradigm shift that would change the way people perceive and appreciate coffee.



That passion grew larger and we founded our HQ outlet with our very own coffee lab for coffee roasting, experiments, and education. We also invited experienced coffee professionals to help us align with global standards and develop our expertise.



Elementary Coffee Roasters was established as a separate chapter from Earthlings Coffee Workshop. Its initiative is to fulfil the elementary needs for good coffee and tea without too many technical and financial hurdles, making them more affordable. 

In the same year, we invited the world barista champion of 2014, Hidenori Izaki to Kuching for a private consultation to further develop our team. 

We had also held a free public seminar for all local coffee players and connoisseurs to come and share Hide’s knowledge and experience. It’s also the first time Sarawak’s coffee scene connected to a global coffee icon.



Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia had asked us help them co-organise the Indonesia & Sarawak Coffee Festival. Our team had managed to source a number of local exhibitors and designed the event logo that has both Sarawak and Indonesia elements.  The event turned out to be a great success. We had also hosted their launching event and after party. We deeply believe in giving when it comes to cultivating the local coffee movement.

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Earlier that year, co-founder Raven Kwok was invited by TM to speak at the SME BizFest 2017 in front of more than one thousand people along with representatives of Google and Facebook and other high-profile entrepreneurs from West Malaysia.

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Coffee has taken us to Germany three times this year. One of the trips was to be part of the Stuttgart Coffee Summit. Our founder Dr Kenny had the opportunity to present on stage, along with numerous other coffee professionals and scientists, new findings of Sarawak Liberica coffee with the help of his local coffee friends. He was then awarded the Kaldi Award of Green coffee, a Special Achievement Award for scientific findings and flavour analysis. This has strengthened our confidence in the potential of Sarawak coffees, and made it our goal to give them a place in the world coffee map!


Later that year, TEDx Petaling Street extended their invitation for Dr Kenny to speak on the TED stage about his stories and findings of the local  Liberica and his unique perspective on how the appreciation and value of different types of coffees contribute to their sustainability. There were over 3000 people in the audience and his talk can be found on under the TEDx channel on YouTube.