Coffee Connoisseur Education By dr steffen Schwarz

9-14 April 2019 (9am - 5pm) 

The Coffee Connoisseur Education covers the areas of coffee sensory, cup tasting and aroma science. It also provides knowledge about coffee cultivation and processing, coffee botany, as well as the basics of coffee preparation. The Coffee Connoisseur gains the theoretical knowledge of the coffee chain, without going much deeper into the areas of hands-on barista or roaster activities. The Coffee Connoisseur can, therefore, liaise between all the production and preparation issues throughout the coffee chain and provide guidance in sensory aspects.

This 6-day education program may be part of the Coffeologist Education and includes a written exam. You will become a certified Coffee Connoisseur upon passing the exam and will be credited towards the Coffeologist Certification if you wish to obtain it by completing, also, the Coffee Craftsman Education. This will be an international recognition as your name will be listed on Coffee Consulate’s Board of Coffee Alumni, which indicates that you are scientifically trained to be fit for potential coffee-related careers, namely coffee technicians, roasters, developers, trainers and executives throughout the coffee industry.

Limited Seats Available! 


Masterclass: Allelopathy by dr steffen Schwarz

9th April 2019 : Part 1 (6pm - 9pm) 

Allelopathic effects (interactions of self-produced or decay-released chemical compounds [mostly aromatic amino acids]) between plants of the same and different species, distribution of allelochemical substances (gaseous [evaporation], liquid [root exudate, leaching [rain, fog, dew] or solid [rotting]), allelopathic effects (growth inhibition [juglone, caffeine, acids], promoting effects [mycelia, sugar exchange, metals,]) 

10th April 2019 : Part 2 (6pm - 9pm)

Cup tasting of Allelopathic influences (acidity, body, aromas, nutrients). Allelopathic networks (plants, microorganisms, fungi [mycelium networks]), influence on the flavour profile of coffee (acid, body, aromas, nutrients).

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Masterclass: Coffee Maturation by dr steffen schwarz

11th April 2019 : Part 1 (6pm - 9pm) 

Matured and immature coffees are presented comparatively. Maturation processes and their effects on the flavour profile are presented.
Differences of maturation towards freshness, basics of maturation processes

12th April 2019 : Part 2 (6pm - 9pm)

Cup tasting of matured coffee and immature coffees, working with the CC flavour profile

Theory / practice : 40/60

Limited Seats Available!