Earthlings is Three Years Old!

Facebook had reminded us that Earthlings turned 3 this April!

It has been an exciting journey for the past three years. We’ve shared laughter, disagreements, and moments of truth through its ups and downs. People had come and go, imparting memorable narrations along the way.

Our journey originated with one simple purpose: bringing people together with good coffee. Hence, the meaning behind the name Earthlings depicts our human-oriented culture—coffee would not exist without earth, nor would its celebrated culture without the people behind it.

Specialty coffee—also known as third wave coffee culture—was largely unfamiliar to the local scene at the time, and it could not have introduced itself to the habitual drinkers of Nanyang style kopi in town. No one was willing to pay almost ten times the price for a cup of latte just because the barista had an accent. We needed a way to convey the value behind specialty coffee, and no channel was more influential than direct communication between people.

We deeply believe that good coffee has to pair up with good service, it’s the overall experience that counts. Starting from a shop with four tables, our only marketing strategy was no more than impressing every curious customer with interesting details about coffee—preparing each to explore and appreciate the acquired taste.

Today, we continue to carry that spirit to those who had just joined us, at the same time, reminding our existing team members: improvement is the only way forward. It will take time and a great deal of patience to create a movement that will slowly change a culture.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all our patrons and coffee lovers who support our cause, and we will make sure we stay true to ourselves in this world of growing distractions.

Rave KwokComment