Brands We Supply

Do you wish to open a café to serve great coffee but don't know where to begin?

Well, great coffee don't just happen, but with freshly roasted coffees and reliable equipment and the correct training, it's nowhere near impossible. Our team at Earthlings is almost ready to support you no matter what your exciting plan is.

We specifically roast for specialty cafes and home connoisseurs. We are also Sarawak's sole distributor for the following brands of excellent coffee machines and equipment:

- Victoria Arduino (Current appointed espresso machine for the World Barista Champianship)
- Novua Simonelli (Former official appointed espresso machine for the World Barista Champianship)
- Casadio espresso machines
- Ceado grinders
- Proaster coffee roaster
- Kalita (Hand brewing accessories)
- Chemex (Hand brewing accessories)
- Cafetto (Specialised cleaning agent for coffee machines)
- Incasa (Café coffee cup sets)
-Tea Drop
-DaVinci Gourmet Syrup

Our upcoming Earthlings Coffee Academy will also provide multiple levels of professional coffee training courses and café operation consultancy.

Kindly contact us at for further information!

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