Coffee Plantation Visit in Chiang Rai

It has been an enriching experience for Earthlings as we make our way down the beautiful coffee farms of Chiang Rai, Thailand. These coffee origin trips never fail to inspire us. We often take our coffee for granted, baristas and consumers alike, because the origin of coffee does not seem to concern us directly; we are not there as it happens.

When you can touch, smell, and feel the coffee plants, each tree tells a story of how it started as a seedling, how much nutrient and sunlight it takes for growth, how the climate and rain fall affect its flowering and fruit-bearing. Every farmer has a role to play in getting the coffee cherries into our cup. Watching them in action becomes a vivid reminder for us that there’s value in every bean that we grind, taste, or waste unconsciously.

The whole experience also becomes our endless source of motivation to put in our best effort for every cup of coffee to express its full potentials, and paint its stories on your palates.

Rave KwokComment