Indonesia & Sarawak Coffee Festival 2017

The three-day coffee festival has ended successfully thanks to all the hard work and passion that every participant has put in.

Special thanks to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Kuching for its team’s great effort in putting this together and presenting us with the opportunity to co-organise this exciting event, CityONE’s management team for the wonderful setup, and our friends at TeaFM for their promotion and brilliant emcees.

It took everyone months of brainstorming on ideas, and planning to turn them into reality, as a coffee festival of such scale is the first of its kind in Kuching. There were moments of panic and things that went wrong, but everything worked out just fine when everyone from the team had contributed to a solution.

We and a number of local coffee roasters are also honoured to have formed new connections with coffee cultivators and suppliers from different parts of Indonesia during the festival and the business networking event. We hope to help nourish these ties into new possibilities for the local coffee scene so more people will start to appreciate coffee from a whole new perspective.

The show has finally ended, but the aroma of coffee and culture still lingers in the air, we hope it will last till the next coffee event.

Rave KwokComment