Public Cupping Workshop

For the first time, we open our lab door for the public to come join us on a sensory experience of coffees from around the world. You will have more than a glimpse into the world of professional coffee tasting — coffee cupping. Learn the basics of becoming a sommelier of coffee as we show you the basic setup and protocols of cupping. How to tell the differences between coffee species, varieties, origins, and roast levels. Judge a coffee by learning to assess its fundamental elements in the mouth and in the nose with no more than just fresh coffees, a bowl, a spoon, pen and paper, and your senses.

Workshop Content:
-Introductory presentation
-Briefing and instructions
-Cupping take place
-Group discussion

Lead Instructors:
Raven (SCAA Golden Cup Technician, SCA Sensory Professional)
Kenny (Certified Q-Grader, SCA Sensory Professional)

Limited to 12 Pax each session

RM36/person (including GST)

*Please avoid eating heavy-tasting food and wearing any fragrance before attending this workshop.

Rave KwokComment