The Coffeologist

To say that there's a lot to learn about coffee is an understatement. To acquire the expertise to work with coffee is to embark on a journey with endless possibilities. This statement still stands firm after five years of learning about coffee from seed to cup, and it couldn't be truer after attending the twelve-day Coffeology course by Coffee Consulate from Germany.

Dr. Steffen Schwarz himself had led the intense training, from coffee botany to sensory aspects in the cup. It was one coffee master class that we have never experienced before. Not only does it entail updated and scientific knowledge about coffee that popular beliefs shy away from, what we have gained is a whole new perspective towards the entire industry, further strengthening the scientific approach towards our learning and exploration of the vast subject. Dr. Schwarz has also unearthed the under-appreciated treasure of Sarawak: Liberica coffee species, and will be helping us to develop new techniques in harvesting this local gem; to make it more desirable than its current stigmatised status.

Finally, big thanks to Luvv for hosting this class and for the generous hospitality. We look forward to the exciting chapters ahead, marking pages of news stories about coffee.

Rave KwokComment