DaVincci Mocktail Saloon

We are honoured to have hosted the first DaVinci Gourmet Flavour Genius salon in for our VIP customers in Kuching, Sarawak. Great thanks to Mandy and Keith for organising the event. We were also delighted to have Lorence sharing her recipes and mocktail-making tips.

Here are some that we found useful for baristas, bartenders, or home mixologists alike:

1. Try to shorten blending time for ice blended beverages to avoid quick separation; approx. 25sec per drink

2. DaVinci Frappe Choice can help prevent separation of ice blended drinks, at the same time, give a better texture and amplify flavours

3. Use serving glass to measure out the ice you need for a more precise outcome in volume

4. Cold brewed tea for iced tea beverages lasts longer than hot brewed tea

Happy mixing!

Rave KwokComment