Learning from Turkish Coffee Champion Turgay Yildizli

After a attending a valuable class by the 2013 World Cezve Ibrik Champion Turgay Yildizli in Bangkok, we have experienced what spcialty Turkish coffee is truely about. It is much more than just finely ground coffee boiled in hot water that most people find bitter and overwelming. When great coffee is used with the right brewing techniques, Turkish coffee can taste amazing, granting the coffee you know a delightful taste of culture and unique traditions.

We would like to share with you the 10 Principles in Making Specialty Turkish Coffee:

1. Speiclaty Coffee : use high quality coffee, find best roast profile, keep it fresh.

2. Turkish Coffee Grinding : use special grind size (finer than usual), grind fresh.

3. Good Quality Water: learn how the temperature and TDS of the water used affect the brew.

4. Coffee Water Ratio: be precise in amount of coffee and water used depending on pot and cup sizes.

5. Turkish Coffee Pot: know your pot, how its shape and material affect brewing process.

6. Agitation: create turbulance evenly and be consistant.

7. Heat Source: have good micro control over heating process.

8. Brew Time: work together with heat control to achieve proper extraction.

9. Turkish Coffee Cup: know how its shape and material affect tasting stage.

10. Turkish Coffee Ritual: mind the serving temperature (it can be very hot right after brew!). Serve with respect to traditions; with some sweets and warm water.

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