Elementary Coffee Opening in Saradise

We are happy to announce the opening of our new Elementary outlet as part of Saradise’s Innovation Space—a new and exciting platform run by a team that shares the same dream and vision with us for the future of Kuching and Sarawak.

We are honoured to have served the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister, other ministers, the directors of Saradise (Dato Chris and Michael), and other distinguished guests our new fusion coffee menu during Saradise’s grand opening night last week; an embarkment on a new sensory expedition that isn’t foreign but from our home soil.

This marks a new beginning and direction for Elementary Coffee Roasters, of which initiative was to fulfil the elementary needs for good coffee and tea without too many hurdles. Now, we want Sarawak to have a unique voice reaching out to the world coffee map by fusing together local elements—a wonderful variety of locally grown coffees and produces. Create new possibilities and tell the story of Sarawak through taste.

Rave KwokComment