Company Liberica Farm Trip

When it comes to company trip, work elements are to be avoided by most to not spoil the fun, but that doesn’t have to be the case for a coffee business. Our first company trip of 2018 was a great start to another wonderful and fully caffeinated year! We started by embarking on our very own local coffee field trip in Lundu, where everyone got to hand-pick Liberica coffee cherries and learnt how to de-pulp them without a machine. Although we were also distracted by a variety of other fruits—such as free-falling durians and jackfruits, and we devoured them on the spot—we managed to harvest enough coffees to make at least a few brews.

At the resort, we held a Triangular Coffee Cupping Contest where our three winners had received awesome prizes for their out-standing sensory skills; it’s never as fun without a little competition. We threw each other into the ocean to release stress, even the directors—except one who controls HR and finance—could not escape this ultimatum! We started our own BBQ that turned out to be a slow-cooking fiesta and played a game of crazy zombie apocalypse with our food babies in the tummy. When the night was dark and full of terrors, we started a campfire by the beach, and the boys sang to the sound of the guitar until all the girls couldn’t take it anymore and all ran off to bed. It has been the best company trip so far

Rave KwokComment