Kaldi Award Received at the Stuttgart Coffee Summit

Coffee has taken us to Germany this year to be part of the Stuttgart Coffee Summit. Thanks to the invitation of Dr Schwarz from Coffee Consulate, our founder Kenny had the opportunity to present on stage the new findings of Sarawak Liberica coffee. Along with numerous other coffee professionals and scientists, it was an honour to be able to contribute to the international scientific realm of coffee.

It had come to us as a shock to be awarded the Kaldi Award of Green coffee (cultivation and processing) Special Achievement Award for scientific findings in the field of green coffee. It was the combined effort of our close associates, Edward and Belle, back in Sarawak who had discovered and brought us all the different Liberica varietals that were never presented to the world before. It has truly widened our perspective on the possibilities of Liberia coffee.

We have presented to the world the potentials of Sarawak coffees, now it is time to move a step further to placing Sarawak onto the world coffee-producing map, and help building it into the coffee capital of Malaysia!

Rave KwokComment