Precious Coffee Varieties Exchange

In the recent Stuttgart Coffee Summit, we learnt that global coffee production is facing pressing challenges that will very likely change the way we consume coffee in the near future. Highly grown Arabica is withstanding the biggest blow and it accounts for about 70% of the world’s coffee production, it is also widely considered as the better quality coffee; especially in the specialty coffee market. To scientifically reproduce high-quality coffees at lower altitudes may be the answer to some of this problem.

Back home, we have the biggest fertile land in the nation that is suitable for growing coffee. In fact, Sarawak has been growing coffee, but just not economically sound until this point in time. However, there is so much potential here, it could be the next rising star in the coffee production, or even become a coffee capital. We at Earthlings are very much excited to push for that to become a reality.

After we had gained some attention and interest for presenting some unseen Liberica varieties at the summit, thanks to Dr Schwarz and the Coffee Consulate, we were given the opportunities to trade at Wilhelma Zoological-Botanical Gardens (one of the biggest botanic gardens in Europe) with farmers from producing countries such as Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, China, and Thailand. We have gained seeds of specific coffee species and varieties that may be suitable for cultivation in Sarawak’s environment, some of these are well developed for low land growth, and more resilient to diseases, highly adaptable to surrounding plants, while high in cup quality.

Our mission is simple, do something to contribute in saving the future of our beloved beverage, it’s a selfish one because we cannot survive without good coffee, but we hope our passion in the process will help flourish new agricultural business opportunities for local farmers and highlight the name of our homeland on the world coffee map. Stay with us for more exciting coffee events that you can attend without the need to fly out!

Rave KwokComment