Visiting Palthope Coffee Estate, India

We love our Indian coffees, and here we are following Coffee Consulate’s research team to visit one of our favorite origins. First stop takes us to a tiger reserve after a six-hour drive from Bangalore. Here is a highlight from Mr Deepak, the owner of Palthope Coffee Estate, India.

”Listen to the bird songs here in the woods above these beautiful coffees shaded under old trees in a reserved forest in India. Why should we have to pay some Europeans to certify our coffee as rainforest coffee?”

Some coffee plants here were stomped by wild elephants, leaves bitten by insects, seeds spat out by monkeys that feasted on the cherries. They are the best certifier of a coffee farm that strives with biodiversity. We also learnt that tigers are the farmers’ best friends in the forest while keeping other destructive animals at bay, they are the least dangerous to humans compared to wild boars, elephants, and of course, cobras.

Rave KwokComment