Ending Chapter of Earthlings' Original Outlet


Dear earthlings,

You may have noticed that our first outlet at CityOne has been closed for a while, I apologise for any inconvenience caused. We have waited until the first day of 2019 to announce that Earthlings Coffee Workshop will be turning a new page by letting go of this beloved outlet and move our business completely to our headquarters at SoHo188; opposite Vivacity (our two Facebook Pages will soon be merged).

It has always been part of the business plan to only have one Earthlings Coffee Workshop, so we can stick to our "Quality over Quantity" philosophy and focus more on presenting you nothing less than the best coffee we find on our go-going quest across continents. And this can only be achieved more effectively when we gather all our resources and attention to only one location.

However, business and sentimental values are not always well aligned.

This was still a hard decision to make as countless memories and sentiments are tied to this outlet, it was the place where our dream was made real, as well as the starting point of our coffee adventure. And that is why we held on for so long, even though it made no sense business-wise.

Chasing after a passion/dream can take us to unfamiliar places and new heights, but along the way, we may realise that letting go of certain things at the right time may be the best option to soldier on with that passion/dream, so it can grow and evolve and continue to touch more lives in the bigger picture. One thing that our team is working on right now is to hold the first ever Borneo Coffee Symposium here in Kuching in April this year (earthlings-coffee.com/borneo-coffee-symposium).

Lastly, we would like to shout out a big "Thank You" to all our supportive customers who have been on this journey with us. Most of you have become our friends along the way and share the same passion that we have for coffee. What I want to say is that the passion has not changed! In fact, cutting down to one outlet is our way of moving forward, and we hope you will stay on board with us on this voyage to discover and improve the coffee that we all love so much.

Warmest Regards,

Raven and Kenny

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